Can Decostones be installed on any kind of surface and material?

Yes.  Customers should properly prepare the mounting surface with the given adhesive to create durable adhesion between the Decostone and the substrate.

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Will Decostone fade over time because of the sunlight?

No. The iron oxides that provide color in the production process are integrated with the mass of Deco stone.  Thus our product has extremely high resistance to combined corrosive conditions.

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Does Decostone meet Building Code requirements?

The properties and specifications of Decostone comply with the requirements of US and European Union building regulations relating to those products. The production process of Decostone is certified in accordance with American and European standards. It also meets the applicable acceptance criteria of their main properties surpassing all existing quality and regulatory requirements at national, [...]

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What are the main advantages of using Decostones instead of actual stone?

Decostones are much lighter than natural stones (about 60%). Decostones can be installed much faster than the natural stones as it is properly designed to give the aesthetical result withoutusing additional configurations such as cutting or carving. Each stone veneer composition consists of pieces of specific dimensions to guide the technician during the installation process. [...]

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What is the raw material of Decostones?

Decostones produced by mixing special concrete additives, lightweight raw materials (pumice), cement, various colours and water oxides.

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What is Decostone veneer

DecoStone is a handmade reproduction of natural stone.  It is produced from lightweight concrete and then further painted with suitable iron oxides.

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