Mat Build

Rapid set, multipurpose mortar for bricks, blocks, stonework and general patching and re-pointing. Setting is achieved faster than other common mortars. As ready-to-use mortar the preparation of the mix requires only water. It comes with large variety of colours matching different aesthetics, Available in 25 kg paper bag. White colour exists also in 8 kg package.

Type-Colour Code Packing Weight
White 100009 Pl. Container 8 kgr
White 100017 Bag 25 kgr
Beige 100018 Bag 25 kgr
Gray 100019 Bag 25 kgr
Pearl Gray 100020 Bag 25 kgr
Dark Gray 100022 Bag 25 kgr
Dusk 100026 Bag 25 kgr
Gold 104061 Bag 25 kgr